cross country skiing & biathlon center

Cross Country Mountain biking at mt. van hoevenberg

It doesn't get more fun and invigorating than mountain biking at Mt. Van Hoevenberg! We have more than 30 km of trails that climb, dip and twist through pristine stands of Adirondack hardwoods and sky-scraping pines. If you're a veteran trail rider, you'll find plenty to challenge you: all the jumps, steeps and hairpin turns you could ever want and terrain that varies from open meadows to single-track in secluded forests.

If you're new to the sport, this is the perfect place to get started. Our trail system has plenty of mileage to offer riders of all levels. Our staff will show you everything from how to get the most out of your bike to how to conquer hills safely. You'll build confidence, learn new skills, surprise yourself by what you're capable of doing on two wheels. Visitors may bring their own bikes or rent right from us.

Head right to the Biathlon Lodge to purchase trail passes, rentals, lessons and more!

Temporary hiking route map to Mt Van Hoevenberg summit trail

Bike & biathlon

A summer spin on the winter sport of Biathlon. This in depth experience will help to build skills and confidence on the Mt. Bike trails with a progression approach to riding, The Biathlon portion will give you a truly unique experience in the Olympic sport of Biathlon!