Green Goddess Natural Foods

We teamed up with Green Goddess Natural Market owners Tammy Loewy and Wynde Kate Reese to bring you fresh, local eats. Green Goddess connect residents and guests to local food growers and producers with their organic menu. Enjoy the delicious taste of their food made daily from scratch in our lodge or at Josie's Cabin. 

Located inside the lodge are two options for dining. You can munch on Green Goddess treats at the Nordic Cafe or belly up at the MVH Bar for wine and local brews. Drink and eat while relaxing by one of our two woodstoves kept roaring daily. 

Mt Van Hoevenberg Lodge

Josie's Cabin

Josie's cabin honors the spirit of Adirondack hospitality and creates a gateway for generations to be introduced to, and experience our wonderful forest. You will be welcomed, entertained and enjoy the warm fire, delicious food and unique experience that awaits at Josie's Cabin.

Located 0.7 km from the lodge on Zig Zag trail, Josie's is the perfect destination for beginners. Fully furnished with a bathroom, two outside bonfires and live music on select weekends Josie's is a must-see pit stop.


In 1887, the namesake of our venue, Henry Van Hoevenberg came to the Adirondacks with friends for a camping trip on Upper Ausable Lake. Included in the party was Miss Josephine Schofield from Brooklyn, New York. The two fell fast in love and quickly became engaged. They decided that they would climb the highest mountain in our state and select the most wonderful spot they could see from the summit and claim as their future home. They dreamed of a location that would be a place of entertainment and natural wonder for their friends and all that enjoyed the Adirondacks.

Tragically, Josephine died in the same year under unclear circumstances, and Henry chose to never take another bride. He did however build the dream that Josephine and he shared at Adirondack Lodge. He named Mt. Jo and Heart Lake in honor of his betrothed and established a location that would be legacy of a dream that the young lovers shared.